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About Alice

Today's blog we are exploring the adventures of Alice and her snowglobes. Alice lives
for adventure and each place she visit she always brings home a snowglobe. Here are
8 snowglobes of her 100 piece collection. Each snowglobe tells a different story and
Alice shares her insight into each desination.


Wonderful New York. A bright, busy city
which is home to Broadway, museums and Central Park.
To discover everything New York has to offer
walking or training is your only option.
The beauty in walking the city is you
will discover the most amazing places
you cannot read about. From hidden boutiques,
to the most amazing little
pizza shops. You’ll never want to leave.

New York

Los Angeles

If you love the perfect mix of beach and city,
LA is the perfect place for you. Known for its famous beaches, quirky
restaurants and fine dining, there is something for everyone.
Take a stroll down the famous boulevard or Venice beach
and be amazed by the street performers who will have you at awe.
LA is infamous for its abundance of shops and malls, there
is something for everyone and every budget so it will
definitely be a highlight of your trip. Whether you are a family
and want to visit one of its many amusement parks or want
to hit the night-life scene there is something for everyone
due to the wide variety of shows, concerts or bars.
It is a hit with so much on offer.



Paris the city of love. Paris has so much to
offer and will leave you full off cultural as
well as food. With a beautiful, busy city comes
high prices but it is worth every penny.
The best time to visit this beautiful place
is when the temperature drops because so does
the crowds and prices. Enjoy wandering through
pretty gardens, museums, farmer’s markets and
of course seeing the Eiffel tower.



Make sure you don’t skip out on London when
visiting Europe. The capital city of the
UK thrives off historical pubs, incredible
shopping and a lively cultural scene. My
hot tip for London is make sure you grab a
pint at the local pub and have a chat with locals.


Greece is a magical place to visit.
Your more than spoilt in Greece from
archaeological sites in
Athens with rich history to
wonderful people in Mykonos
to island hoping off Santorini.
Enjoy the good life sitting
in sun drinking a glass of wine listening
to tradition Greek music.



Wow Delhi! Delhi may be one of the busiest cities
in the world. At first it can seem extremely overwhelming
but when you adjust to the busy lifestyle you’ll fall in love.
The food, oh the food is just incredible. You will eat the
most authentic Indian food with so much flavour and spice.
New Delhi also has its share of ancient ruins and
landmarks and museums.


China is a delightful place to visit which is
full of culture and rich history. The top places
in China I recommend visiting are Beijing, Shanghai,
Xi’an and Guilin. Please make sure you walk the Great Wall
of China, this experience is unforgettable and will leave
you breathless. Not to mention the cuisine. Which is a whole
new experience in its own.



Aloha! If you’re ready to wind down, chill out
and slip cocktails it is time to travel over to Hawaii.
Hawaii has so much to offer for everyone. Whether you
desire to sit on the beach or have the adventure of
a lifetime than Hawaii is the place to be. Hawaii is
full of surprises from erupting Volcanos, secret
waterfalls and incredible surf.

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